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Often we experience things in our lives and think we just have to “deal” with the trauma on our own. We think eventually this pain or these feelings go away. This is further from the truth than you may know. Because trauma won’t just “go away.’

Webster defines Trauma as – a deeply distressing or disturbing experience or a physical injury.

Because it is thought of as an emotional or mental incident, many believe it is mostly a mental injury. However, any type of physical injury can and should be included. Some of the most obvious would be sexual or physical abuse. Trauma is experienced by those who are permanently disabled and life-altering.

Trauma doesn’t limit itself to a single incident.

We can experience multiple repetitions and become much more impacted. As a result, we must effectively resolve and reverse its effects. Traumatic occurrences must be treated along with the connecting the links between them.


When trauma is experienced, negative energy is imparted to the person along with feelings and thoughts.

Scientists have found the mind and the body is interrelated. An example of this is the well-known fact that stress can cause headaches and ulcers and manifest itself multiple ways in the body.

As an AIT Certified Therapist (Advanced Integrative Therapy), I work with the negative energy from the trauma stored in the various Energy Centers of the body. When moving it out of the body, it changes thoughts and emotions. AIT uses a variety of protocols to resolve the thoughts and emotions by identifying the sources. In addition, this method seeks to resolve negative core beliefs replacing it with positive beliefs. Therefore, this is one-way trauma counseling can help.

Here is a quick article/guide that can help you identify the symptoms.

If you are currently or have experienced any type of Trauma, I encourage to reach out today and start your journey of healing and replacing the negative effects with positive thoughts and actions to move forward in your life.