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Going through a divorce is an emotional hardship. Everything you know of life to be “normal” is changing to a “new normal.” Get the support you need.

Are you feeling lost and confused about what just happen? Do you feel like you are carrying the weight of this all on your own?

You can’t talk to family or friends because let’s face it, they just can’t understand what you are going through.

Divorce is the NUMBER ONE stressor in life, and not only affects you and obviously your spouse but the kids, work, social circles and more.

Learning to adjust and handle the stress and changes is a lot to do on your own. Getting the right support is critical.

If this makes sense, think about doing something for yourself! Research shows support groups help people during difficult times.


Divorce Support Group – for Men and Women

8 Spots Open
8 Weeks
8 – 1 ½ hour Sessions
Begins April 12, 2019
Thursday evenings – 7:00-8: 30 pm
50 Park 37th St. New York, NY 10016
$75 per person per session
10% Discount when you pay in advance all 8 sessions

Call 718-997-9536 to register.

What you will learn….

  • What to do during the divorce – self- care
  • What to tell the kids Keeping it “normal” for them
  • How to manage the array of emotions that will be triggered
  • How not to isolate yourself
  • How to communicate with your spouse
  • How to manage “new” financial challenges
  • How to stay out of the “victim role”
  • A new self-perspective
  • How to move forward with your “new” life