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So lately it seems as though you have been fighting a lot. Or you are simply not talking and doing everything you can to avoid your spouse. Things just aren’t how they should be or used to be. It doesn’t feel right or good. It may be time for some couples counseling.

Sometimes when couples fight, they lose the “art of communication” and the longer it goes on without help, the hard things get. Does the sound familiar or have you recently been struggling in this area?

I want you to ask yourself a few questions. These questions will help to determine if you and your partner have lost that art…

  • Do you know the difference between a disagreement and a fight?
  • Are you looking to improve communication and more in your relationship?
  • Do you know what Red light and Green light communicate is?


RED light communication – where nothing gets through – it’s all just “noise”

GREEN light communication – where connection and intimacy happens

Green light communication takes hard work but the results are well worth the time and effort! If this is what your desire is for your relationship then it is definitely time for couples counseling.

Working with couples for over 30 years and successfully improving relationships to grow and thrive has been my passion. Often times we react without being mindful of ourselves and how we communicate. By not being aware of how we “authentically” feel and think, we REACT in ways that hurt us and our relationships. Through the use of mindfulness techniques, you will learn to use your own “personal energy” skillfully, and adopt new ways to communicate to and with your partner, therefore improving your relationship.

Are you ready to have that marriage that thrives? Call today and schedule your appointment to take your first step of the journey to have the marriage you and your spouse deserve and long for.