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To say that you feel overwhelmed would be the understatement of the century.

It feels like your to-do list always a mile long.

Frequently, you have trouble focusing.

No matter what you do, your body feels incredibly tense. If this sounds like
something you’ve experienced, you’re feeling the impact of stress.

If we’re being honest, life can be a lot to handle. Sometimes, it feels like you have so much on your plate that you’re busting at the seams. Even though you’re one person, it feels like you have enough responsibilities for ten other people. Because you consistently feel overwhelmed, you’re exhausted. In addition, you’ve notice that you don’t have the patience you used to. You find yourself snapping at the people around you; often, the people you care about the most. What’s more, your sleep is disrupted. Despite constantly feeling exhausted, you can’t shut your mind off at the end of the day. All of this stress has taken a toll on you.

Symptoms of Stress

Most people feel stress at least once in their life. Truthfully, I would love to meet the person that hasn’t felt stressed. While most people experience symptoms of stress, it can look different in each one of us. Through my years
of providing counseling for stress, here are a list of some common stress symptoms:

·Getting agitated

·Physical problems, i.e. stomach, headache, sweaty hands,

·Trouble focusing

·Trouble sleeping

·Craving foods that aren’t particularly nutritious

·Feeling loss of control

·Breathing problems

A man sits with his head in his hands, feeling overwhelmed. He has decided to start counseling for stress in New York with Deborah Karnbad.
A woman sits at a table looking overwhelmed. She can't wait to begin her online session for counseling for stress in New York with Deborah Karnbad.

Counseling for Stress Can Help

Dealing with stress can be extremely difficult. It can feel isolating and make you question your abilities. However, you aren’t the only person that’s dealt with symptoms of stress. As a counselor, I’ve worked with many people who have had their quality of life impacted by stress. Often, my clients come to feeling like a shell of themselves. Before beginning counseling for stress, they don’t feel like themselves. They struggle finding joy and balance in their life.
Through counseling for stress, those same people have been able to find their happiness again! Additionally, they leave with skills to help manage and balance the stress they feel.

I get it. Stress can genuinely make you enjoy life less. Stress makes it really difficult to live in the moment and enjoy the present. I’ve been there, and I assure you there is hope. Counseling for stress can help you find necessary

My Approach to Counseling for Stress

My goal is for you to feel in control of your life. Through counseling for stress, you and I will explore the causes of your stress. We’ll talk about what’s going on in your life. Additionally, we’ll explore the sources of stress you, perhaps, hadn’t considered before.  Then, we’ll take a closer look at the impact stress is having on you. Sometimes, the effect stress has on us isn’t always clear. Stress symptoms can seem like a symptom of something else. Next, we’ll come up with ways that you can cope with the stress that you’re experiencing. Through counseling for stress, you and I will collaborate on realistic things you can do in your life to help you get through it.

As a counselor, I have many years of experience providing many different approaches. Because of my experience, I have many skills and techniques that I can incorporate. Essentially, my therapeutic “utility belt” is full of tools I can use to help you get the best results possible.


Beginning Stress Management Counseling in
New York

A couple uses a laptop. Their online session for counseling for stress in New York is about to begin with Deborah Karnbad.

When the bubble baths and lavender air fresheners don’t quite do the trick, it’s time to consider counseling for stress. Through counseling for stress, you can explore the causes of your stress and come up with coping skills to help you get through it. In fact, I can help you wherever you are in the state with online therapy in New York. I’ll meet with you from my Forest Hills, NY therapy clinic, or my home counseling office on Long Island. When you’re ready to begin counseling for stress, follow these steps:

1. Fill out an appointment request.

2. Get to know me as your new therapist.

3. Control your stress, instead of your stress controlling you.

Other Mental Health Services Provided in New York

Counseling for stress is not the only treatment I offer. I provide many services in my Forest Hills counseling clinic. Currently, I offer my services through online therapy, including individual therapy. I specialize in providing bereavement counseling, and trauma therapy. In addition, I offer marriage counseling and counseling for stepparents. I previously offered group counseling, but currently am not offering that service. Stay tuned for when that starts again! I’m here and I’m ready to help.