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Counseling for Step Parents

As a Step-parent:

Are you the Wicked Witch or Wicked Warlock?

Parenting is difficult enough as it is. So, when you add step-parenting to the equation, you really need to be prepared.
For the ones who have never been parents, they feel excited. To them, this might be a wonderful opportunity. In some cases, this is true, but for the majority the disappointments and challenges are great. This is something counseling for step parents can help with.
A blended family is happy smiling at the camera after counseling for step parents in Forest Hills, NY with Deborah Karnbad, Marriage Counselor in New York, New York. You can get help for your blended family here! Online therapy in New York too.

Barriers Step Parents Can Experience

Introducing a new member into a family system is complicated. It brings in a difference that usually is not welcomed. Generally speaking, the ages of the children do not really matter. Sometimes there is a honeymoon period. But, sooner or later the children involved have conflicts over loyalty. Even if the original parent dies, the loyalty to that parent inevitably surfaces. The turbulence of a new member joining the family can cause some chaos. Often times, the step parent is typically blamed for “everything” that goes wrong.
Most individuals go into blended families wanting to make it work. They expect the children will automatically “fall in love.” The new step-parent generally tries too hard. It’s more beneficial to be patient and sit at the edge of the unknown.

A family of four sits together smiling. They feel more connected after beginning counseling for step parents in Forest Hills, New York with therapist Deborah Karnbad.

A family laughs and smiles together. They are feeling much happier after they have started counseling for step parents in Forest Hills, New York with family therapist Deborah Karnbad.

Counseling for Step Parents Can Help You Navigate Your New Role

A family of four sits together smiling after blended family counseling in New York with online therapy. They feel more connected after beginning counseling for step parents in Forest Hills, New York with marriage counselor Deborah Karnbad.

Death, divorce, or abandonment does not really change step-parenting. The dynamics or complications will still be there. Some actions are better than others. Like waiting, respecting boundaries, and trying to create a safe environment. In addition, the parent and step-parent must be a unifying front. Additionally, they must demonstrate their love and devotion to one another. This, in return, sets the stage for the children to love.
One needs to go into step-parenting being realistic, not idealistic. It may work, it may not! It is best to be hopeful rather than critical. Understand that losing a parent is not in any way easy. Regardless of the context of death, divorce, or abandonment.

My Approach to Counseling for Step Parents

A blended family in New York laughs and smiles together. They are feeling much happier after they have started counseling for step parents in Forest Hills, NY with marriage counselor and family therapist Deborah Karnbad. Online therapy in New York can help you, too!There are many ways to treat step-parenting issues. The therapist really needs to evaluate the best approach. It could be seeing the whole “new family,” if there is cooperation. Generally, that is not the case, because of extreme resistance. Sometimes different therapists need to be involved to treat the system in parts.

How Counseling for Step Parents Can Help

There is hope. The strength lies with the parent and step-parent. They can help set the course for the family system. This is done with their resilience, patience, and love for one another. They can “ride the wave.” They must do this without blaming or complaining about their new partner. Of course, difficulties will arise. However, that’s when the opportunities manifest.

Considerations of Counseling for Step Parents

With older adult children, who may have children themselves, results will also vary. The maturity and emotional development of these adult children play a role. It will determine the incorporation of the step-parent into the family system. To learn more about how the age of the child can impact the situation, explore this article that discusses a few topics we discuss in counseling for step parents. Altogether, it’s important to remember that everyone is doing the best they can in the situation. Unfortunately, they don’t make a road map for this situation. In counseling for step parents, I will provide you with the support you need to be successful.

Beginning Counseling for Step Parents in Forest Hill, NY

You’ve been trying your best to be a team player in the family you’ve joined. But, it doesn’t feel like anything you’ve been doing is working for your blended family. I can help with the transition. Counseling for step parents can help you find your role in the family. By the end, everyone will know their role. When you’re ready to begin counseling for step parents, follow these steps:
1. Fill out an appointment request and let me know what’s going on.
2. Get to know me as your new therapist.
3. Find your role in the family and start making memories.

Other Counseling Services in Forest Hills, NY

You’ve likely got a lot on your plate. There are many barriers that we face that we aren’t always ready for. This is where I come in! I provide many services in my Forest Hills counseling clinic. Currently, I offer my services through online therapy. I offer individual therapy. I specialize in providing bereavement counseling, stress management, and trauma therapy. In addition, I offer marriage counseling. I previously offered group counseling, but currently am not offering that service. Stay tuned for when that starts again!