November 17, 2020

Living Life in Spite of COVID: How Online Therapy in New York Can Help

Unless you live underneath a rock, you’ve likely heard of Coronavirus. Or, more commonly referred to as COVID 19. COVID has spread throughout the world and has had detrimental impacts on many areas of our lives. For most of us, there has been an economic impact that we weren’t ready for. For others, we’ve experienced a drastic shift in our daily routine. Our relationships are completely changed now. Work, school, and leisure activities probably look a little bit different than they used to. Of course, every person has had different impacts of COVID-19. But, it’s fair to say that many of us are sharing a similar impact: our mental health has been greatly affected by this global pandemic.

As an Online Therapist in New York, I’ve Heard it All

A child makes a heart with his fingers on a window. The reflects concepts of anxiety and depression in forest hills, ny discussed in online therapy in New York with Deborah Karnbad, 11375.

This has been apparent for most of my clients that I work with through online therapy in New York. Some people are trying therapy because this is the first time they’ve experienced any kind of instability with their mental health. Prior to COVID, they felt pretty stable. However, COVID has changed life for them. Now, they are dealing with problems they haven’t had to before.

But what about the people that we’re struggling with their mental health before COVID? As an online therapist, I have seen that their existing problems have only gotten worse because of COVID-19. We’re all going through so much. And, it can often feel like we have to put our life on hold. That is not the right way to do things. I realize these are a lot of big statements to make about the impacts of COVID on our mental health. So, I’ll discuss the themes that I’ve noticed over the past year.

Higher Stress: “There’s No End in Sight”

This is a big one among my clients right now. Most of the people I work with are experiencing a higher level of stress than they were before the pandemic. And, unfortunately, it’s taking a toll. Everything we see and read tells us how bad things are. Even the “hopeful” stories are simply not what we need to hear. Feeling an immense amount of stress can have pretty heavy impacts. Life is still moving forward, just in a different, unprecedented way. You might be feeling extremely overwhelmed with daily responsibilities. In fact, my clients have shared that they feel like they just can’t keep up with everything they’re supposed to be doing.  We have to talk about how to manage yourself with self-care practices. Through our work together in online therapy in New York, I help clients incorporate stress management tips to control the impact stress is having on everyday life.

Increased Anxiety and Overwhelm

A woman wears a mask due to COVID and health anxiety. She gets online therapy in forest hills, ny with Deborah Karnbad 11375 for anxiety treatment, depression counseling, anxiety therapy, trauma, ptsd and more. You can get help in New York, in Long Island, Huntington, Forest Hills and beyond.

Feeling anxiety is related to stress, overwhelm, and hopelessness. Increased anxiety can leak into almost every area of your life. My clients who have started online therapy have explained that increased anxiety in their daily life has been a tough area to control. My clients have shared a common theme of anxiety symptoms, including having a hard time “turning their brain off.” Often, they have trouble sleeping now, since our usual distraction techniques look different.

In addition, my clients share that they don’t feel like they’re in control of their current situation. Of course you don’t! We honestly do not have control over the way things are going in the world right now. But, we can control our reaction to it. I often incorporate coping skills used in anxiety counseling, even via online counseling. By teaching my clients these coping skills wherever they are in the state with online therapy, they often have had an easier time navigating their anxiety.

Feeling More Depressed and Hopeless

On top of feeling anxious and stressed, it feels like the world is falling apart. The tendency is to let one thought spiral into another, which makes it feel like this is going to go on forever. Feeling more depressed can make things feel much harder than you know they are. If we’re being really logical and honest, there are things to be hopeful about. But, it is not always easy to pull yourself out of that on your own. That’s where I come in.

My clients who have started online depression counseling have expressed that they have a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning. They can’t see that there are, in fact, good people in the world. In addition, many people are having a hard time feeling like what they’re doing matters or has a purpose. Quite frankly, the world has always had horrible things going on, and we can’t control that. What we can control is the way we perceive the things that are going on and our reaction(s) to them. Through my years of providing depression counseling in Forest Hills, NY, and beyond, I have found some tips for helping people to navigate depression. I see therapy more as personal growth and development. We’re not going to fix the world’s problems on our computer screens. But, we can help you feel more grounded and hopeful, even in the midst of terror and grief.

But, It’s Not All Bad! Online Therapy in Forest Hills, NY Can Help

A wooden sign reads "holiday" and "COVID." You can discuss your concerns about anxiety and depression with online therapy in New York with Deborah Karnbad 11375. Get depression counseling, anxiety treatment, trauma therapy and more here.

While this all sounds really tough to live with, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Online therapy in Forest Hills, NY can help you to navigate the impacts that COVID is having on you. As a New York therapist, I have years of experience helping people to navigate the issues that they’re experiencing. Let’s figure out how you can live life to the fullest, in the midst of the chaos.

Begin Online Therapy in Forest Hills, NY

Starting online therapy can help you navigate what you’re dealing with currently. In addition to online therapy in New York, I offer many other services. I often work with couples through online marriage counseling and premarital counseling. In addition, I offer anxiety counseling, depression counseling, grief counseling, counseling for stress, counseling for stepparents, and blended families. When you’re ready to begin working with me, follow these three steps:

  1. Call me to schedule an appointment.
  2. Get to know me as your new online therapist.
  3. Receive the support you need.


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